1. Class rooms- 6 class rooms of 20'x15' available with facilities of White Board, Marker, Duster etc.

2. Play ground for Children to play Football, Kabaddi, Badminton, Kho-kho, disc-throw etc. available.

3. Facilities of of indoor games as Carom, Chess, Ludo, Skipping etc. available.

4. An Auditorium for conducting CCAs available.

5. A computer room and music room available.

6. Library books for Children available.

7. The Vidyalaya subscribes for a local newspaper.

8. A set of four toilets available for Children

9. Dormitory accommodation available for teachers.

10. One staff room for teachers

11. Sufficient furniture available for Children and staff.

12. Filtered water facility available.

13. A very good modern PA system with four high quality mikes and two speakers is available for conducting assembly, CCA activities and other special occasions.