Fun Day

Fun day is observed on every Saturday for Primary Section Students.

A number of activities are performed and undertaken by the Students under this programme to facilitate learning by students without any stress and with enjoyment.

Students take part in games and sports competitions, Yoga sessions, Origami learning, Dance, Music, Songs, Group activities, Skit, Mime and so many other activities as per planning done beforehand by the Vidyalaya.

Case Studies

Teachers are motivated to carry out case studies and action research to solve their own problems as well as problems of Children.

Meditation and Concentration

Silence is observed every day in the morning assembly.

Students are trained to do Praanayam practices. Peace Pledge was taken by Students and staff on the occasion of International Peace Day on 21st September.

There is a plan to play classical instrumental music during recess time to relax students and to create a refreshing environment besides developing love, liking, sense of pride for our culture and traditions.